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DC Gamers

Would you like to play a game?

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DC Gamers Untie!

Well after searching and searching for a community that existed for gamers in the DC Metropolitan area and coming up empty-handed, I finally decided to break down and create one myself! (so if you're running one currently, you need to advertise a little better! ;)

This is intended for all forms of gaming. Table-top, Role-playing, card-games, video games.

The idea being that most of enjoy more then one, if not all of the above and are always eager to find others with the similar passions.

Posts to this community should be at least loosely related to something of a gaming nature.

The primary focus will be, I think, to find others who are looking for a game or players in the area, because after all, games are usually more fun when you've got other people to play with.

I'll firm up the rules more as they become an issue.

For now, welcome to dcgaming!