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Reviving the community with a sales post? Yeah, I suck. :-) [Dec. 1st, 2009|09:54 am]


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Hello, fellow gamergeeks! I know this community hasn't gotten a lot of traffic in a while, and it sucks to have the first thing posted in several months be a sales post... But it is what it is. I thought you all might be interested, so here goes anyway!

My fiance and I are moving and downsizing, and I have several games up for auction. Fun stuff! We had every intention of playing... but we just haven't. Our loss is your potential game ... er gain! :-)

Pirateology the Game. This looks so fun! We just never got around to playing it, and if I can find it a good home, all the better. Brand new, never opened!

World of Warcraft: The Boardgame. Picture it - a cold, stormy night, you're about to take down Arthas... and the power goes out. Ohnoes! What to do?? How will you get your MMO fix?!? Why, with the WoW Board Game, of course! :-) Also new - the box has been opened, but none of the pieces taken out of their packaging.

WoW Battle Chest. Pining for the good old days of Warcraft III? Here's your chance to own it! Experience the back story you've been wondering about! Also brand new, never opened.